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About Edgemont Insurance

Owner John Wisniewski started Edgemont Insurance in 2006, after more than 35 years with insurance agent companies. In that time, he worked 17 years as an insurance producer and 15 years in the claims business.


John learned early in the importance of customer service. That doesn't mean taking a message, and then getting back to you when it's convenient. You can count on John to pick up the phone, and then spend the time you need answering your questions and addressing your concerns.


Today, John has developed relationships with some of the top insurers out there, including Travelers of Pennsylvania, Travelers of New Jersey, Progressive, Main Street America, and many others. Despite the complexities of some policies, John is able to sit down with you, and explain in plain English what you're getting and you will feel confident that the insurance you purchase from Edgemont Insurance is the insurance that fits your needs.  

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